Create Beautiful Anime QR Codes with Steady Diffusion – A Redditor’s Information

Enlarge / An AI-generated picture of an anime-style girl that additionally capabilities as a working QR code. When you have hassle studying it, attempt positioning your digicam farther away from the picture.

On Tuesday, a Reddit person named “nhciao” posted a collection of creative QR codes created utilizing the Steady Diffusion AI image-synthesis mannequin that may nonetheless be learn as practical QR codes by smartphone digicam apps. The practical items replicate creative kinds in anime and Asian artwork.

QR codes, quick for Fast Response codes, are two-dimensional barcodes initially designed for the automotive trade in Japan. These codes have since discovered wide-ranging functions in numerous fields together with promoting, product monitoring, and digital funds, due to their potential to retailer a considerable quantity of information. When scanned utilizing a smartphone or a devoted QR code scanner, the encoded info (which will be textual content, an internet site URL, or different information) is shortly accessed and displayed.

On this case, regardless of the presence of intricate AI-generated designs and patterns within the pictures created by nhciao, we’ve discovered that smartphone digicam apps on each iPhone and Android are nonetheless capable of learn these as practical QR codes. When you have hassle studying them, attempt backing your digicam farther away from the pictures.

Steady Diffusion is an AI-powered image-synthesis mannequin launched final 12 months that may generate pictures primarily based on textual content descriptions. It may additionally rework present pictures utilizing a method referred to as “img2img.” The creator didn’t element the precise method used to create the novel codes in English, however primarily based on this weblog publish and the title of the Reddit publish (“ControlNet for QR Code”), they apparently educated a number of customized Steady Diffusion ControlNet fashions (plus LoRA superb tunings) which were conditioned to create different-styled outcomes. Subsequent, they fed present QR codes into the Steady Diffusion AI picture generator and used ControlNet to keep up the QR code’s information positioning regardless of synthesizing a picture round it, seemingly utilizing a written immediate.


Different strategies exist to make artistic-looking QR codes by manipulating the positions of dots inside the codes to make significant patterns that may nonetheless be learn. On this case, Steady Diffusion isn’t solely controlling dot positions but additionally mixing image particulars to match the QR code.

This attention-grabbing use of Steady Diffusion is feasible due to the innate error correction function constructed into QR codes. This error correction functionality permits a sure proportion of the QR code’s information to be restored if it’s broken or obscured, allowing a degree of modification with out making the code unreadable.

In typical QR codes, this error correction function serves to recuperate info if a part of the code is broken or soiled. However in nhciao’s case, it has been leveraged to mix creativity with utility. Steady Diffusion added distinctive creative touches to the QR codes with out compromising their performance.

An AI-generated image that still functions as a working QR code.

Enlarge / An AI-generated picture that also capabilities as a working QR code.

The codes within the examples seen right here all level to a URL for, a QR code-generator web site seemingly run by nhciao primarily based on their earlier Reddit posts from years previous. The method may technically work with any QR code, though somebody on the Reddit thread stated that it might work greatest for shorter URLs as a result of how QR codes encode information.

This discovery opens up new potentialities for each digital artwork and advertising and marketing. Peculiar black-and-white QR codes may very well be was distinctive items of artwork, enhancing their aesthetic attraction. The positive reaction to nhciao’s experiment on social media might spark a brand new period wherein QR codes are usually not simply instruments of comfort but additionally attention-grabbing and sophisticated artworks.