Surfboard Stealing Otter Poses Problem for Wildlife Officers

  • An otter in California forcing folks off their surfboards has thus far evaded the grasp of wildlife officers.
  • Divers tried to seize the otter final week with a bait surfboard but it surely was too fast for them.
  • The otter’s mom can be recognized to wildlife officers for approaching boats and kayaks.

Folks have not too long ago filmed otters aggressively attacking folks on surfboards in California.

In a single video, an otter — named Otter 841 by wildlife officers — might be seen climbing onto after which gnawing on a surfboard close to Sant Cruz.

“It is a harmful sea otter, keep away from it if in any respect attainable!” the caption reads.

—Native Santa Cruz (@NativeSantaCruz) July 10, 2023

A staff from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, California Division of Fish and Wildlife, and Monterey Bay Aquarium have been dispatched to the scene on Wednesday. They tracked after which tried to catch the otter with a bait surfboard. 

Mark Woodward, a wildlife photographer who posted the video to Twitter, advised a neighborhood FOX Information affiliate that he noticed a staff of 5 divers trying to lure the otter onto the board so they may seize it.

—Native Santa Cruz (@NativeSantaCruz) July 13, 2023


The otter jumped onto the board briefly, however escaped earlier than the divers have been capable of seize it with a internet, the outlet reported.

“They’ll’t throw a internet over it as a result of it would get tangled and drown,” Woodward stated. “That’s additionally why they’ll’t tranquilize it.”

Kevin Connor, a spokesperson for Monterey Bay Aquarium, stated Otter 841 is taken into account a hazard to the general public as a result of it’s ignoring its pure survival instincts, ABC reported.

“After we see this kind of habits exhibited by otters, it’s a signal that they not have that wholesome worry of human beings that enables them to remain protected within the wild away from us,” Conner stated.

Conner advised the outlet that the otter’s mom, Otter 723, was launched from the aquarium in 2017 and that there have been some experiences of her approaching boats and kayaks however “nothing to the extent that we’ve seen with Otter 841.”

Nonetheless, the incidents induced the US Fish and Wildlife Service to deem Otter 723 “unreleasable,” so she was recaptured and found to be pregnant with 841, Conner stated, based on ABC.

Conner stated there are actually no plans to euthanize both otter. As soon as Otter 841 is captured, Conner stated it will be evaluated by veterinarians after which will possible spend the remainder of its life in captivity in both a zoo or an aquarium.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service didn’t instantly return Insider’s request for remark Saturday.